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The objects of the Society are (1) to encourage thrift, self help and co-operation amongst the members and (2) to create funds to be rent out to, or invested for its members or for their benefit, but subject always to the provisions of the Bihar and Orissa Co-operative Societies Act (VI of 1935) and Rules there under.


1. Mr. Y. L. Jain Chairman
2. Mr. B. Bhattacharjee Hon. Secretary
3. Mr. R. N. Pathak Treasurer
4. Mr. Santosh Kr. Sinha Member
5. Mr. Jadunandan Prasad Member
6. Md. H. Ismail Member
7. Mr. K. S. Ranjan Member
8. Mr. A. K. Verma Member
9. Mr. Sudhir Kr. Sinha Member
10. Mr. Himanshu Chakraborty Member
11. Mr. Arun Kr. Mishra Member
    Eligibility :

A) Permanent Employee's of M/s United India Insurance Company Limited or The New India Assurance Company Limited situated at Bihar and Jharkhand.
B) In present not a member of any thrift Society.

Admission Fee: Rs.100.00
Donation: Rs.151.00
Minimum Share Amount: Rs.1000.00
Thrift Fund: Rs.2000.00
Total:Rs. 3251.00


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